Alpha Dominche Has Big Plans for the UK Market

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New York, September 15th, 2015: Alpha Dominche, a leading producer of advanced coffee and tea brewing machines based in the U.S., is looking to make a splash in the specialty coffee and tea industry in Europe, particularity in the thriving UK market.

Partnered with Mulmar Foodservice Solutions, industry leaders of quality service and brewing equipment for 26 years, Alpha Dominche has big plans to introduce the Steampunk into specialty coffee and tea shops across the UK.

The first of these shops in the UK to adopt the Steampunk is the innovative Good and Proper Tea Co. based in London. Getting their start with converting a 1974 Citroën-H van into a mobile brew bar, they are now using their success to open their first brick and mortar.

Emilie Holmes, owner of Good & Proper Tea, said “I’ve made it my mission to bring the best possible cup of tea to London. I’m watching my passion for quality tea thrive and am excited to incorporate the Steampunk into my vision to serve a truly outstanding cup of tea.”

“We are very excited to push forward in the British Tea market with Mulmar, a great ambassador and partner. We have already gained a lot of strength in the tea area in the US and Asia, and starting our venture in the UK with Good & Proper Tea is very encouraging,” said Alpha Dominche CEO, Thomas Perez.

“Mulmar Foodservice Solutions are proud to represent Alpha Dominche in the UK for the revolutionary Steampunk.  We have many projects in the pipeline with customers in the UK which we will be announcing very soon…”  said Mulmar, Shona Hayes, Marketing Manager.

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