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Large Cappuccino is a double shot of espresso brewed into a large (10 fl oz) cup.

Step One:

Remove the double handle from the group head and knock out the spent coffee cake into the knockbox.

Step Two:

Place the empty handle under the grinder/doser and make one complete pull – no more, no less.

Step Three:

Tamp the coffee. Hold the group handle in your weaker hand, tamp with your writing hand. As you tamp give the handle a good hard twist left to right to ensure a solid pack.

Step Four:

Wipe the excess grounds from the rim of the filter.

Step Five:

Refit the handle to the group head and brew the espresso into a standard cappuccino cup.

Step Six:

While the espresso is brewing, begin foaming the milk following the “How to foam and steam milk“ instructions.

Step Seven:

Wipe the steam wand!

Step Eight:

Using a spoon, pour and scoop the dense, foamed milk into the shot of espresso. When full, stop the flow of foam and free pour the steamed milk until the level is ¼ inch above the rim of the cup

Step Nine:

Dust with chocolate powder (optional) and serve.

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