How To Clean An Espresso Machine: Weekly cleaning procedure

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In addition to the daily clean it is important that you carry out the weekly cleaning procedure as well. All your cleaning of the espresso machine is carried out daily, however the bean grinder requires a limited amount of cleaning to ensure that there is not an excessive build up of coffee residue in the bean hopper.

How To Clean Your Machine

Step One:

Switch off the grinder. Remove the hopper and either dispose of any remaining beans or decant them into a suitable container. The best option is to ensure that the bean hopper is empty at the close of business therefore reducing waste.

Step Two:

Rinse the hopper in cold water. Leave to air dry overnight.

Step Three:

Using a dry paint brush sweep any ground coffee from the doser.

Step Four:

The next morning check the hopper is dry and then refit to the grinder and refill with the appropriate quantity of beans.

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