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Gemma began her career with Mulmar back in August 2012, working as a ‘General Office Administrator’ within our ‘Service Department’. At the same time Gemma was on day release to attend college one day a week in Harrow, studying for an NVQ in Business Administration.

Gemma had only been working for Mulmar for three short months when the position of ‘Nespresso Service Co-ordinator’ became available, which Gemma was offered and took to it like a duck to water. This was a full time position for Gemma, which meant she needed to complete her studies one evening per week.

When she began working on the Nespresso Account Gemma also continued to manage all of the paperwork from the Mulmar Workshop, as well as checking the Engineer’s timesheets and expenses. However the account began to grow very fast so Gemma focussed on the Nespresso Account only moving forward.

Gemma completed her NVQ Level 2 at college and continued her studies aiming for her NVQ Level 3. She said it was very tiring and hard work to complete a college course in her free time as well as managing a full time job, but eventually her hard work paid off and she completed her NVQ Level 3.

Mulmar fully supported Gemma throughout her studies, and were always on hand to help if assistance was needed.

After carrying out the day to day running of the Nespresso Account for two years, in September 2014 the position of ‘Costa Coffee Service Co-ordinator’ became available. Gemma made the decision to take on this exciting new role.

Gemma says she feels lucky to work with a great team of people, who are always so supportive and willing to help. This role brings many challenges and at times can be extremely hectic; however Gemma takes it all in her stride and has proven to be a very knowledgeable, capable and valued member of the team here at Mulmar.

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