With its highly automated production of one machine every 3 minutes (from the metal sheet to the packaging box) DIHR has been for years amongst the very first companies in the world in producing professional Dish and Ware-washers. We export in 95 countries worldwide with 70 different commercial brands. DIHR does not only produce standard machines to satisfy your needs, but also designs and manufactures customized solutions for every demand, paying great attention to operating costs and environmental impact. For this reason we can offer a larger range of products than any other manufacturer in the world.

Every machine regularly undergoes through 4 strict quality tests before being ready to be sold. They accurately select the most appropriate components, and thanks to our modern production plant and structured processes, we guarantee the result of each single product. The production process is managed by our experienced and skillful staff, and monitored by highly sophisticated control systems. We are constantly oriented to improve our organizational system and to employ the most innovative equipment in our factory. In order to provide our customers with the highest standards, DIHR has achieved 14 European patents and 11 international certifications such as ISO 9001, as well as the prestigious German and USA certification of “Quality and Performance”.

DIHR aims for greater energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and ease of use.

In the recent years, the world has become more “green aware” and the issues of environmental health, rationalization of energy resources and consequent economic savings are strongly prevailing.

DIHR gives its contribution to the environment by orienting its products to decrease consumption of water, electricity and chemicals. We want to offer our customers the highest performing machines, while ensuring reduced operating costs.

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