We are glad to announce the release of two new espresso grinder models: the Robur S and the Kold S, available in two versions, both doser and electronic on demand.


Main innovations:

• Reduced retention – Coffee retention in the burrs is reduced by 52%, eliminating the amount of coffee wasted by purging and grind adjustments by half

• An easy system for burrs change and cleaning of the grinding chamber quickly and without losing your grind setting

• New electronic control panel – Lets you know how many shots have been pulled, features programmable time settings for single double and triple dose, and tracks maintenance updates, like when burrs should be changed

• Cloud compatibility – Electronic grinders designed to be cloud compatible, so you can access information and statistics anywhere, with an app to be unveiled for the grinder in the next few months

The release of these two new models comes closely behind the release of the new digital Mazzer ZM earlier this year at the Specialty Coffee Expo and at London Coffee Festival.

New Mazzer Machines