Petroncini roaster


Petroncini Impianti designs, manufactures and installs processing plants for coffee and similar product like peanuts, barley, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and cocoa. We can customize them according to your needs and make them fully functional.

Tostabar Genius K1 Roasting Machine


In 2002 Angelo and Fernando Napoli gave life to the best machines in the world for a micro roastery. The production of coffee roasting machines has always been their core business.

Commercial coffee roasting machines

Commercial coffee roasting machines give businesses a way to freshly roast coffee beans on-premises, for a much higher quality of coffee.

An industrial coffee roaster is capable of producing consistent results at high volume, although a coffee roaster machine for small business can also work on smaller quantities of beans at a time.

With the best commercial coffee roaster in your kitchen or behind your bar, you can give your customers the perfect light, medium or dark roast coffee every time, to keep them coming back again and again.

What are commercial coffee roasters?

Commercial coffee bean roasters automate and streamline the coffee roasting process for fast and consistent results with constant throughput.

A commercial coffee bean roaster machine will take pale green coffee beans and heat them, causing the air inside the bean to expand.

This expansion inside the bean leads to the ‘first crack’, similar to popping popcorn, and this is a sign that the bean has reached the ‘light roast’ stage.

If roasting continues, the beans continue to heat up, eventually reaching another popping stage known as the ‘second crack’, and linked with more of a dark roast coffee.

These cracks typically occur around the same temperature every time:

  • First crack: 196°C
  • Second crack: 224°C

As the bean is heating up, chemical processes take place between the amino acids and sugars inside it – leading to the sweetness, flavours and aromas associated with roasted coffee.

What are the different types of coffee roasters?

Industrial coffee roasting machines come in several different types, including:

Drum coffee roasters

Beans are stirred by paddles inside a heated drum, and receive heat both by convection from the air, and via conduction from direct contact with the drum.

Fluid bed coffee roasters

Hot air rises through a chamber, heating the beans quickly and evenly via convection. This technology is common in electric commercial coffee roasters and can be more energy efficient.

Different types of commercial coffee roasting machines use different fuels to generate heat, giving businesses a choice between gas-powered and electric commercial coffee roasters.

How much is a commercial coffee roaster?

Manufacturers’ suggested prices for industrial coffee roasting machines can vary widely depending on the brand and model – enquire today for an up-to-date price on any of the models Mulmar supply.

You can think of it like any other business investment. For the upfront price, you get the ability to produce a perfectly roasted coffee every time, using fresh beans roasted on-site.

Customers will go a long way for a good cup of coffee – and roasting your own beans on-premises means you can offer a cup they simply cannot get anywhere else.

How to determine what model you need

The best commercial coffee roaster for your business will depend on factors such as your desired throughput (i.e. what quantity of beans you need to roast), your desired running costs, and also the quality of coffee you want to produce.

Mulmar’s industrial coffee roasters are carefully selected from leading brands including Petroncini and Tostabar, to give you the ideal coffee roaster machine for small business and busy kitchens alike.

How to install a commercial coffee roaster

Installing a commercial coffee bean roaster machine is an intricate process and best carried out by a professional for good results. An electric commercial coffee roaster can be easier to install, as no gas supply is needed.

Mulmar can install commercial coffee roasters and ensure they are in prime condition, either as a standalone service or as part of our coffee shop fit-out service – just ask for more details.