Mulmar Workshop

Mulmar’s constant investment in customer support and after sales service underlines our focus on meeting technical and service needs of everyone. Mulmar workshop is another step in making our maintenance support professional, innovative and exclusive.

Mulmar   4- workshop slide motion 5- workshop slide motion



Since been established in 1989 Mulmar workshop has currently increased to 27 wet work benches, a comprehensive descale room and 15 highly skilled dedicated engineers. The workshop has an annual turnover of approximately 4000 full services and takes care of all aspects of the upkeep of your equipment.


Also, Innovation is carried out behind those doors. The workshop showcases a skill set and expertise on manufacture product developments and plays a key role on prototypes feedback.


The workshop is regularly involved in customisation projects of coffee machines: custom paint, powder coating of panels and mechanical upgrades such as retro fitting PDI control.


                      PDI                                                        FAS                                                 REPAIRS

1- PDI                         2- FAS                        3- repairs

PDI – Pre Delivery Inspection – The service consists in unboxing your machine, running its functionality and setting any customer specific settings before delivery.

FAS – Complete strip down and rebuild of your machine. This includes descaling all boilers and pressure vessel inspection. The rebuild is carried out with a comprehensive service kit. Your equipment is then tested and calibrated to the manufacturer specifications including a 40 step quality control form.

REPAIRS – Comprehensive faulty finding and replacement of any faulty part finishing off with a 40 step quality control form.


The workshop and its preventative maintenance coupled with the spare parts department and the reactive callouts support makes Mulmar the number one choice for commercial coffee machine repair.




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