Petroncini taking the stage at Host Milan 2017

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Exciting new projects and acquisitions: 2017 was a remarkable year at Petroncini Impianti. During one of the most prestigious coffee trade fairs, Petroncini Impianti will introduce partners, stakeholders and customers to its renovated corporate image.

At Host you will get the new IMA Coffee Petroncini brand logo: this will feature IMA S.p.A. signature brand colors.

From now on, Petroncini Impianti will be regarded as the specialist in the coffee processing of the new Ima Coffee Bussiness Hub.

Petroncini is specialized in complete roasting coffee plants, providing machines with capabilities to roast from 3,5 kg/h up to 3.5 tons/h, for any kind of coffee brewing style: from espresso to drip, and from instant to turkish coffee.

Furthermore, Petroncini provides complete coffee processing systems, from the green coffee intake up to the feeding of packaging machines with beans and/or ground coffee, thereby providing superior expertise in feeding solutions for capsule and pod packaging lines.

The IMA Coffee Hub aims at having a wide appeal on the world of coffee. The finest roasting and processing techniques team up with the best packaging systems.

This will enable Petroncini Impianti to offer turnkey solutions covering all stages of processing: from the roasting of green coffee to its packaging either in capsulespodsor bags.

To celebrate the newest brand at Host, Petroncini Impianti will exhibit all its roasting technology, from the traditional roaster TT120, the biggest Petroncini Roaster TMR720, up to TMR25 LAB, the perfect machine to carry out product testing and is the signature piece of Petroncini Coffe Lab which is located at the Petroncini Impianti HQ: here you will be able to test, analyze and asses the features of your product together with customers.


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