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Elegant and responsive, the Acaia Pearl is a professional quality scale that brings consisteAcaia Pearlncy and insight to your coffee brewing.

With its minimal design, it is ideal for a wide range of uses, from daily morning brews at home to training labs and busy coffee bars.

This scale now features the 2.0 version of our Pearl firmware, adding auto timer start, beverage weight mode, and more.

  • Weight/Timer Dual Display Customizable Smart Auto-off
  • Mobile App Compatible via Bluetooth USB Rechargeable
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Easily Calibrated

Size: 16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm. 462g Readability: Max 2000g Min 0.1g d=0.1g e=2d  



acaia lunar

The Acaia Lunar is designed for measuring espresso beverage weight, and has added water resistance and acai lunar coffeedurability to survive in busy coffee bars. It includes auto timer and auto tare modes to improve workflow and allow more frequent weighing of shots without slowing down drink production.

The Lunar can be used with the to weigh coffee dose in a portafilter, or to weigh two cups for split doubles. The Lunar also makes a convenient travel scale for all forms of coffee brewing.

  • Weight/Timer Dual Display 
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable
  • Customizable Smart Auto-off
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Mobile App Compatible via Bluetooth
  • Auto-Start, Stop, and Tare Features

Size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.55cm. 270g Readability: Max 2000g Min 0.1g d=0.1g e=0.5d  



Professional compact coffee bean dosing system that offers exceptional speed, precision and control over bean portioning.

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orion bean doser

FAST WEIGHT-BASED ON-DEMAND DOSING The Orion Bean DoserTM can dose 225g in 12 seconds and 20g in 3 seconds within the error margin of 2-3 beans.

FULL AUTOMATIC MODE Designed with a fully automatic mode that continuous dosing multiple containers without pressing any buttons.

INTUITIVE DIAL-IN INTERFACE A new dial interface with three preset modes for storing different target weight and allows easy access by rotating the dial.acaia orion bean counter

WEIGHING SCALE MODE The Orion Bean DoserTM can function as a smart industrial weighing scale up to 3000g of capacity.

INTELLIGENT DOSING SYSTEM Automatically learn and adapt between every dose, minimizing the error margin towards a more accurate and consistent dosing.

STATISTIC TRACKING SYSTEM The Orion Bean DoserTM tracks the statistical information. i.e. total number of doses or total weight of the dosing session.

ORION 2KG HOPPER Larger hopper suitable for batch dosing.

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