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In a world where natural resources are ever more stretched, finding ways to make the most of what we have becomes increasingly important. The global water crisis means 750 million people globally lack access to clean water and where people do have access, around 95% of all water that goes into the home ends up down the drain.

When washing hands for 15 – 20 seconds it consumes 1.5 – 2 litres of water. If completed twice a day by one person, this consumption would be up to 1,460 litres of water a year.

Biomeco S.r.l., an innovative Italian ecological technology company believed this was unacceptable and something that needed to be improved. In conjunction with Mulmar Food Service Solutions, Biomeco are pleased to introduce to the UK market the ‘Cloud Water’.

This innovative hand washing device is one of the most efficient, hygienic hand washing devices on the market. Cloud Water prewashes, soaps, rinses, disinfects and dries the hands, all while using no more than 75ml of water throughout the full cycle. This minimal amount of water when compared to traditional methods would use only 55 litres of water a year when used twice a day, an incredible 96% saving.
The internal sensor activates the machine with zero physical contact required from the user. The hygiene benefits of the Cloud Water device means it can be used almost anywhere….hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, gyms and cafes to name but a few.

The versatility of Cloud Water means it can be used on a movable stand or it can be statically mounted. It is a device that runs on 1.1kw of power so can be used with a standard domestic plug socket.

The Cloud Water is environmentally friendly, practical, versatile.
Wash, Sanitise, Dry…and go!

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