Have your beans got rhythm?

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Have your beans got rhythm?
Alberto Trabatti’s beans certainly do.

img_7823During a recent coffee tour in Italy, we discovered Alberto Trabatti in Ferrara.  He is an Italian micro roaster, second generation, roasting unique blends Alberto with his vast roasting experience was roasting on an 18 year old Petroncini when Mulmar met with him, surrounded by a treasure trove of coffee antiques and artifacts including old 1930 counters and coffee retail shelf’s, as well as numerous old machines and Moka pots dated back to 1920’s: (Really a museum)

He chose Ferrara, in Piazza della Repubblica, almost opposite the Estense Castle to allow himself the opportunity to return to the glorious past changing his life in order to become a master craftsman, fate closed the circle by bring him to do it in the roastery that in 1926 Arrigo Penazzi practiced the same craft.

Alberto exudes an obvious passion for roasting coffee, insisting on a manual rather than electronics way of roasting, as he believes the roaster has to sense each day the moisture in the air, ambient temperature, and the quality of the green bean each day to produce the best coffee.

“What I found refreshing with Albert, is he didn’t focus on varietal names of coffee, how long they’d left the plant, or the name of the guy that picked it – none of that, just flavour, flavour, flavour and perfect roast” – Agostino Luggeri, Mulmar Managing Director

Alberto waxed lyrical that his coffee beans tells you their history from distant lands, bringing to your senses flavours of spices, roasted bread, citrus, cocoa, mature fruits an much more. He says taste the experience that will briefly allow you to experience small moments of escapes from reality, even if you are at work or in a crowded place. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to be lost.

It’s clear that Alberto is a man of integrity when it comes to roasting coffee, with a vision to produce the absolute best coffee beans he can and encourages you to experience some forgotten pleasure of the flavour…

Torrefazione Penazzi 1926 Ferrara, Italy

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