Mazzer goes Green |4 coffee grinders out of 10 are produced using solar power

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Mazzer company founded in Italy near Venezia in 1948 has become for many years a reference point of excellence in the sector of commercial coffee grinders. Many of the innovations which have marked the history of coffee grinder production were born here resulting in registered patents.

Recently there has been a green revolution that has gone through several steps, the most important of which took place in 2016 with the completion of a photovoltaic system producing 572 MWh (571.920 KWh) per year, allowing to save 307 tons of CO2 yearly.  We can therefore say that for every 100 appliances produced, 40 are made thanks to renewable energy sources. Ventilation is ensured with heat-pumps so as to avoid the use of fossil fuel. Such adaptation of production facilities has allowed to lower energy consumption and the careful management of production waste makes sure that over 120 tons per year of scraps are destined to external recycling channels so that they can have a second life.

All this is made possible with the application of a clear and shared ethics code, because in a family run company, values are beacons guiding all fundamental choices.


Cristina Scarpa | Mazzer Marketing Manager

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