FAMA INDUSTRIE is today a leading company in the manufacturing of Catering and Bar equipment. ROBAND Australia is a leading supplier of food service equipment.

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FAMA INDUSTRIE is today a leading company in the manufacturing of Catering and Bar equipment. FAMA INDUSTRIE builds state-of-the-art machines, in accordance with current regulations, for specific sectors such as Food Processing. The strength of FAMA INDUSTRIE is to be able to meet a vast range of equipment sizes. They are specialised in various types of machinery, that is kneading machines, meat processing, slicers, mixers, graters.

ROBAND Australia is a leading supplier of food service equipment. This Australian family-owned company combines decades of engineering excellence and market experience to provide customers worldwide with high quality products that are built to last. Roband Australia is a manufacturer and exporter of the Roband® branded range which is designed and manufactured in Australia to exacting standards. Roband® is named after the founders two sons, ROBert and ANDrew (ROB-AND).

Robert left the business early in his career to pursue life as a chef, whilst Andrew is the Managing Director of Roband. The first product designed and made by the founder, Syd, was a milkshake mixer some 60 years ago in the family garage. Today, Roband Milkshake Mixers are one of the many quality products manufactured in the Sydney based production facility and are exported throughout the world.

From humble beginnings, Roband’s success today is built upon the foundation of true product quality and innovation coupled with strong after market service and support for the diverse product portfolio. It is for this reason that from cafes, restaurants, franchise and independently owned food service outlets, 5 star hotels, airlines and institutions, a Roband product is usually not far away.

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