With a history rich in tradition and passion for the job, Moretti Forni is today the absolute leader in the production of static ovens for pizzeria, pastry and small bakery and kilns for firing ceramics.


The connotation of Italian roots linked to the land of origin, the tradition passed down from generation to generation and the innovative thrust of new management have guided Moretti towards a globalization process, spreading the brand internationally in 120 countries worldwide.
One of the strong points is the wide range of products that has allowed the company to diversify and to respond promptly to the multiple needs of a changing market.

Each product line is studied, designed and built to offer users practical solutions with high technological content.
But the achievements obtained so far are also the result of well-thought choices dictated by  four guidelines that make up the mission of the company: innovation, reliability, safety and eco-friendliness.

Innovation “useful” because it provides users the newest technologies already tested by Moretti and immediately expendable. Proven reliability: product life cycle is exceptionally long and an effective and punctual after-sales service. Maximum safety because each product is made with materials and top quality components that are always tested by highly qualified personnel before being placed on the market: for Moretti end-user protection is paramount.

Eco-compatibility: the Company is constantly committed to complying with the environment where it operates and invests in research of advanced technology and cutting-edge solutions designed to save resources and energy, as the use of renewable energies, the reduction of waste at every stage of the process and sustainability in the production chain.

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Food Type
Pastry & Bakery
Traditional Pastry
Pizzaria & Focacceria
Classic Pizza
Pizza by the slice
Takeaway Pizza
Restaurants & Multifuntionality
Gastro Fast-Service

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