puqpress4MULMAR are pleased to announce the launch of the PUQPRESS, the world’s first automatic precision coffee tamper. The PUQPRESS removes irregular and inconsistent tamping so that barista’s – from novice to expert – can produce a perfectly level and uniform tamp. With adjustable pressure from 10 – 30 kgs and a cycle time of just 1.3 seconds PUQPRESS will revolutionise your daily routine.

  • Perfectly level. No matter which member of staff makes coffee tamping will always be level due to the unique, patented clamping mechanism.
  • Consistent pressure. Tamping pressure is digitally adjustable from 10kg to 30kg to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Will reduce barista injuries and fatique caused by manual tamping
  • Saves time. With an average pressing time of just 1.3 seconds, the PUQPRESS can be much faster than manual tamping.
  • Gain a hand. No more having to put something down to pick up the manual tamp.
  • Save on training. Without the need to teach barista’s how to manually tamp and by ensuring it is done correctly you can spend more time looking after your customers
  • Adjustable height. Adjusted manually to fit all types of portafilter, single, double or naked.

The PUQPRESS is available from MULMAR in grey, black or white with tamper diameter 53 – 58mm.

puqpress3       puqpress2

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