Faema X1

Designed for locations where espresso coffee is not the core business (up to 200 cups per day) and space is a critical factor.


The MilkPs system allows frothing the milk either without heating it by using the air only, or heating it by using air and steam, thus delivering an even wider milk menu. Thanks to the exclusive MilkPS, you can:

  • create a pressurised flow to obtain a consistent inthe- cup milk dose;
  • customize milk temperature for each selection (patented);
  • deliver milk portions at different temperatures to prepare stratified beverages.


The machine automatically performs programmable wash cycles during working hours. The new milk frother is easy to disassemble and clean. The gear pump assures ideal hygiene conditions by automatically emptying the milk circuit at the end of each delivery cycle.
Particularly reduced size and a performance level designed to satisfy average production needs.




MilkP -CP/10 – Manual Steam

MilkPS – CP/11 – Customer Facing / No Steam Wand

Turbosteam – S/10 – autosteam for milk frothing and heating without manual intervention

Additional information


305(W), 756 (H), 605(D)

Electrical Options

240V – 50Hz ~ 3600W – 13 amp Single Phase

240V – 50Hz ~ 3600W – 20 amp Single Phase


Separate hot water tap and steam wand, High capacity: 200 espresso’s per hour (50cc), Equipped with Smart boiler technology, a patented boiler management system which significantly boosts steam/hot water capacity (+30%), capacity bean hoppers: 600g

Optional Features

Autosteam, a Faema patented steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air thus allowing hands free frothing of large volumes of milk producing perfectly frothed milk with a consistently dense and velvety cream, Double bean hopper capacity, Water by-pass, a special device to deliver well-balanced long coffee (americano) both in taste and aroma

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