The Faema X60 is the ideal machine for any location needing a high-performing coffee machine

The X60 guarantees great-tasting coffee and can produce 260 cups of espresso per hour and 600 cups per day. There's no need to compromise on quality with this reliable and efficient coffee machine.


Why this coffee machine?

This high-tech coffee machine is fully automatic, making all user’s experiences simple yet effective. With its modern and elegant design, this machine is the perfect addition that doesn’t skip on quality for style. The intuitive two display screens interacting with each other ensures every time you use one, the other is in tune, and the machine works with you. Combining all the machine’s features makes for an easy and adaptable experience for everyone, from untrained staff members to skilled baristas.

Key Features:

Internet of Things (IOT)

From Milan to Shanghai, you can communicate with the X60 remotely. You can customise the display, recipes and meanwhile analyse all the data related to consumption and counters.

Perfect Grinding System

This smart machine can adjust its grinding making sure your cup of coffee perfectly suits your taste, every time.


Thanks to this innovative application, you can experience unique interaction with this coffee machine through your Smartphone or tablet.

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With real Italian espresso, the Faema X60 brings professional coffee into the palm of your hand. No matter the taste or preference, the X60 is an ideal choice for any location looking for a high-performing coffee machine. Every aspect of this machine, has been thoroughly thought through to deliver excellent beverages while utlizing technology to make the process even easier. From making use of WIFI to two displays, everything about the X60 has been made with the user in mind. This forward-thinking coffee machine is what the future of coffee looks like.


  • S100
  • S100 AutoSteam
  • S100 MilkPS AutoSteam

(see Technical Data for each model in “Downloads” tab)

Technical features:

  • Thermobalance System / Thermodrive
  • Ergonomic Cold Touch steam wands
  • AutoSteam Milk4
  • Smartboiler
  • Perfect Grinding System (PGS)
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Automatic Washing Cleaning (AWS)
  • Milk Precision System
  • Cup4You

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