Introducing the Faema E61, the coffee machine that's rewrote the rules. Unlike traditional lever machines, the E61 utilizes a volumetric pump, ensuring a consistent 9-atmosphere pressure from start to finish.

Retaining the classic design and materials that coffee connoisseurs love, the Faema E61 boasts modern enhancements and a sleek stainless steel exterior. It's a marriage of tradition and innovation, all in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.


Why this coffee machine?

Harnessing the revolutionary group head technology pioneered by Faema in 1961, it shook up the espresso machine world and established them as industry pioneers. Now, you can savour that same quality right at home. E61 is the pioneer in adopting a volumetric pump system, ensuring a steady 9-atmosphere pressure throughout the entire extraction process. Unlike traditional lever machines, E61 keeps that pressure constant, making it a game-changer in espresso.

Top Features:

Volumetric Pump with Constant Pressure

The Faema E61 is the first coffee machine to utilize a volumetric pump, ensuring the water is at the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and maintaining this pressure consistently throughout the entire extraction process. This feature guarantees precise and consistent brewing, setting it apart from traditional lever machines.

Pre-infusion System (E61 Legend)

The E61 Legend features a pre-infusion system, which extends the contact time between water and ground coffee before extraction. This promotes optimal extraction, enhancing the organoleptic properties of the espresso. It results in a richer and more flavorful espresso, making it a standout feature.

Automatic Selections (E61 Jubilé)

In the E61 Jubilé, the automatic version simplifies your coffee-making process with dosed hot water and beverage selections. This feature streamlines your workflow and ensures that you can easily prepare a variety of coffee beverages with precision and consistency.

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In the E61 Legend model, the innovative preinfusion system extends the crucial contact time between water and ground coffee before extraction for a masterfully crafted espresso. This feature enhances the organoleptic properties of your coffee, ensuring that each cup is a sensory delight. Elevate your coffee experience with the E61 Legend, where every sip is a testament to the artistry of coffee making.


Available in Stainless Steel and White Wood Models.

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