Experience unparalleled coffee quality without compromising on taste. The Faema E71E Espresso Machine combines meticulous design and innovative features for those who appreciate manual skills and seek effortless interaction with their coffee machine.

Discover the perfect blend of precision and passion with the Faema E71E Espresso Machine. For coffee specialists and baristas, this machine is tailored to meet the uncompromising demands of those who take pride in delivering exceptional coffee experiences. Embrace manual skills and seamless interaction as you elevate your coffee offerings.


Why this coffee machine?

Transform your coffee experience with the Faema E71E Espresso Machine. With its patented Faema GTI heating system, intuitive control panel, and redesigned steam wands for enhanced flexibility, this machine redefines the art of coffee craftsmanship. The new filter holders with ergonomic wooden handles exemplify the evolution of extraction methods, providing maximum comfort. You can even customise your machine to your preferences. Recognised with a Red Dot Design Award in 2019, the FAEMA E71E is more than a coffee machine; it’s a statement of exceptional design and unparalleled functionality.

Top Features:

Patented Faema GTI Heating System

Experience precision and consistency in temperature for optimal coffee extraction.

Redesigned Steam Wands

Enjoy greater flexibility with extended length, ergonomic grip, and cold touch technology for efficient frothing and easy cleaning.

Independent Groups with GTi Control System

Manage different coffee varieties with ease, ensuring perfect infusion times and enhancing each coffee’s unique sensory profile.

Faema E71E Espresso Machine

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Unleash the potential of diverse coffee varieties through independent groups, ensuring precise temperatures for optimal extraction. The GTi control system guarantees perfect management of infusion times. Experience a better hand with redesigned filter holders, providing maximum ergonomics and comfort. With increased length and Cold Touch technology, you can work with larger milk jugs effortlessly. It’s time to transform your coffee craft with the innovation and versatility of the FAEMA E71E.

Developed in collaboration with Italdesign’s Industrial Design Division, Faema E71E is among the winners of the Red Dot Awards 2019, one of the world’s largest design competitions.

Available in Black or White, with numerous customisation options such as: such as the rear panel, the heads of the groups, the covers of the steam taps, as well as the portafilters.

Technical features:

  • GTi (Independent Boiler System)
  • Smartboiler
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • PGS & BDS connection to grinders
  • Cup4You App (Wifi Connection)

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