The Faemina combines the best coffee with classic design, so you can enjoy high-quality coffee whenever you want it.

The Faemina allows you to experience professional quality coffee supported by the most advanced technologies at home or in a small business. Its timeless design makes for a great addition wherever you are.


Why this espresso machine?

This high-performing machine makes for an easy experience to deliver best-in-class coffee every time. Utilising technology this machine is made for the future connecting to the Be-Feama app to remote control and even voice recognition capabilities. This coffee machine is made to last and makes a great addition to any smaller space.

Top Features:

Voice recognition

For a smarter experience, this coffee machine makes it possible to access information and even video just by using a voice command.

“Be-Faema” App

Control this machine with your phone. You can remotely oporate the Feamina machine for simpler and more flexible experience.

Time & Energy Saving Systems

This coffee machine serves from 5 minutes after start-up and goes into standby after 10 to save you time and energy.

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The Feamina coffee machine is made with the user in mind. Its user-centric design makes every use a simple one. With a patented up & down system, adjustable according to the size of the cups, and a front water tank with indicators when this needs changing means you’ll always know what your machine needs.

The compatibility with the Be-Feama app keeps you constantly updated with the new world of coffee. Ideal for coffee lovers looking for the next innovation to elevate their coffee experience.

Available in Satin-finish copper, Polished aluminium, Black, White and Yellow.

Technical features:

  • GTi (Independent Boiler System)
  • AutoSteam Milk4

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