Introducing the Marco Ecoboiler T5 – your efficient solution for hot water needs! This energy-saving water boiler features a compact design and seamlessly connects to your mains supply, offering superb value for money. With electronic controls and easy descaling and servicing, it's both convenient and environmentally friendly, crafted from 95% recyclable material.

Discover the Marco Ecoboiler T5, a space-saving and cost-effective water heating solution. Boasting best-in-class energy efficiency, this stylish boiler plumbs directly into your mains supply for ultimate convenience. Crafted from 95% recyclable material, it's not only eco-conscious but also easy to maintain and service, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Why this water boiler?

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the Marco Ecoboiler, featuring an Ecomode option and best-in-class energy efficiency that surpasses other brands by up to 45%. With electronic controls and a compact footprint, this boiler is plumbed directly into your mains supply, delivering an impressive output of 187 cups (28 litres) per hour. Not only is it up to 29% more efficient on heat-up, but it’s also incredibly easy to service and descale, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for optimal performance.

Top Features:

Unmatched Efficiency

The Marco Ecoboiler boasts best-in-class energy efficiency, up to 45% more efficient than other brands, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings.

Easy Maintenance

With electronic controls and a compact footprint, this boiler is plumbed directly into your mains supply, making it easy to service and descale for hassle-free maintenance.

Rapid Heat-Up

Enjoy quick access to hot water with up to 29% more efficiency on heat-up, ensuring you can serve your customers faster and more efficiently.

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Elevate your beverage service with the Marco Ecoboiler – a pinnacle of efficiency and reliability. From its unparalleled energy-saving capabilities to its seamless electronic controls and rapid heat-up, this water boiler redefines convenience in the catering industry. With its compact footprint and easy maintenance features, including descaling and servicing, the Ecoboiler ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance, allowing you to focus on serving up quality beverages while saving time and resources. Experience the difference with Marco Ecoboiler today.

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