Introducing the Marco Mix PB3 Water Boiler – your ultimate solution for precise hot water dispensing. With on-demand temperature selection and simple push-button functionality, it ensures perfect brewing for speciality teas without any bitter aftertaste. Efficient and cost-effective, it's ideal for cafes, bars, staff rooms, and beyond.

Experience precision and efficiency with the Marco Mix PB3 Water Boiler. With its vacuum-insulated tank, it keeps water consistently hot while saving energy. Perfect for busy settings, it can produce up to 156 cups of hot drinks per hour. Cleaning is easy with the removable drip tray. Choose from three temperature settings and volumes at the push of a button.


Why this water boiler?

With its innovative design offering three temperatures and three volumes on demand, it caters to diverse drink preferences with ease. The vacuum-insulated tank not only ensures optimal heat retention but also delivers exceptional energy efficiency, reducing running costs by up to 70%. Ideal for various settings including food service, catering, cafes, and office kitchens, the Marco Mix PB3 combines versatility, efficiency, and reliability, making it the top choice for discerning establishments seeking quality and convenience in every pour.

Top Features:

Customisable water delivery

Effortlessly tailor hot water output to diverse beverage preferences with three temperature and volume settings available on demand.

Energy-efficient vacuum insulated tank

Achieve superior energy efficiency with the vacuum insulated tank, reducing costs by up to 70% compared to traditional boilers.

Versatile application

Excel in various settings with reliable performance, from bustling foodservice environments to catering, cafes, and office kitchens.

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This innovative dispenser offers customisable water delivery with three temperature and volume settings, ensuring every beverage is brewed to perfection. With its energy-efficient vacuum-insulated tank, you can enjoy consistent heat retention while reducing costs by up to 70%. Whether you’re in a bustling food service environment, catering event, or office kitchen, the Marco Mix PB3 excels with its reliable performance and versatile application. Elevate your beverage service today with the Marco Mix PB3 Water Boiler.

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