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Faema E71

MULMAR and FAEMA launching the E71, a new traditional machine ideal for baristas and coffee specialists.

The preview of the prototype will be presented at The London Coffee Festival (7th to 10th April 2016), Truman Brewery, London.

A traditional machine designed by Giugiaro Design with innovative technological features, while at the same time conceived to satisfy the international community of baristas and coffee specialists.

The new E71 makes it possible to work with different temperatures for each group. Thanks to the new FAEMA hydraulic circuit with a GTi infusion control system, maximum thermal stability during extraction is guaranteed, a crucial process to ensure perfect in cup quality.

FAEMA E71 also offers the user the choice of working either with the manual lever or by making a selection on the touchscreen; a dual interaction system for the barista in a machine that represents a completely new innovation in the world of traditional machines.

The new machine also features innovative ergonomic solutions, like the cold touch steam wand and the new soft touch filter holder with a specially designed and developed shaped handle.

Once the machine has been positioned directly on the store counter, the reduced height of the machine makes it possible for the barista to maintain visual contact with the customer for a face to face experience when preparing the coffee.

The FAEMA E71 is a versatile product that can be customised in terms of its lateral features and the large back panel.

Like all the machines produced by Faema, the E71 stands out due to the special attention paid to its energy saving characteristics.

The FAEMA E71 will be available in two versions (2 and 3 groups) from the second half of 2016.

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