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The top of the Mazzer flat-burr model line with a new sharper design and innovative features – the Major V

Inside and out, the Major V features many performance and styling upgrades, precision machined components and high-tech electronics with easy-to-operate controls and fucntions.

Major V is designed to be barista-oriented and it is suitable for busy cafes. Its grinding chamber is easy to clean with no loss of grind settings, on-demand grinding can be activated with the portafilter, settings can be indexed with the user friendly Memory Track ring.

The innovative Grind Flow Control System (GFC) reduces electrostatic charge and keeps grounds from getting on the counter, while getting uniform coffee grounds in your portafilter. GFC consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with a through-flow wire damper.

The multiadjustable portafilter holder allows barista to consistently center the flow of grinds in the basket. The retention is low, to save coffee and time. The double fan cooling system preserves coffee from exposure to heat.

Major V features a 19 languages high-tech electronic control panel. The new built‐in memory board can keep track of coffee statistics, tracks maintenance needs (as worn burrs) and it is cloud compatible upon request. Single, double or triple dose as well as pause function in between grinding can be programmed.

Check out Mazzer Major V page and brochure

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