Prepare to be impressed by the Mazzer ZM grinder with its advanced technology and exceptional features. One standout function is its motor-operated digital grind adjustment system, allowing baristas to precisely control the burr distance in microns. The Mazzer ZM is set to elevate your coffee brewing experience and empower you with unparalleled precision.

With the Mazzer ZM grinder's electronic True Zero calibration, you'll be confident that the grind settings remain consistent. The burr parallelism guarantees a uniform particle size distribution for exceptional coffee extraction. Moreover, its impressive coffee retention of under 0.45 grams enables efficient single dosing. These remarkable features make the Mazzer ZM ideal for specialty cafes.


Why this coffee grinder?

The Mazzer ZM is the ultimate coffee grinder designed exclusively for specialty coffee lovers. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a double-fan cooling system with electronic control, ensuring optimal performance at a low RPM range. The on-demand dosing capability allows you to adjust the grinding time precisely. Say goodbye to messy counters, thanks to the patented lockable canister that keeps coffee grounds in check.

Top Features:

Precision Grind Control

Experience precise and repeatable grind settings with the motor-operated digital adjustment system, allowing you to dial in your desired grind size with accuracy.

Burr Versatility

Choose from specialised burrs designed for different brewing styles, whether it’s filter coffee, espresso, or a hybrid option. Unlock the full potential of your favorite brewing methods.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Designed for specialty cafes, the Mazzer ZM features intelligent design elements like a lockable canister to prevent mess, a flip-access digital display for easy cleaning and maintenance, and smart features such as customisable messages and service alerts. It effortlessly integrates into your café’s workflow.

Mazzer Digital ZM Coffee Grinder Black with Barista

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Discover the perfect companion for your specialty coffee journey with the Mazzer ZM coffee grinder. Designed to seamlessly fit your workflow, this coffee grinder boasts intelligent features like a lockable canister, flip-access display, and customisable messages. Elevate your coffee experience with the Mazzer ZM and unlock a world of exceptional flavors with every cup.

Technical Features:

  • Use: On Demand / Grocery
  • Version: Electronic
  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Grinding Adjustment: Digital Grind Adjustment
  • Burrs: Flat Special Steel Burrs
  • Diameter Standard Burrs: Ø 83 mm – 3 1/4 inches
  • Standard Fitted Burrs: k151F for filter. Upon request k151G filter or K151B espresso or k151I hybrid
  • Weight: 33 kg (72 lbs)
  • RPM: 900 rpm @50Hz | 1050 rpm @60Hz
  • Body: Aluminum Die Casting
  • Hopper apacity: 0.32 kg (0.7 lbs)
  • Cooling System: Double Fan Cooling System
  • Optional Hoppers Measures: 1 | 3 kg (2 | 9 lbs) hopper
  • Output: Medium
  • Extraction method: Filter or Espresso
  • Recordable Grind Settings: 20
  • Recordable Time Settings: 4

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