Introducing the Faema X-Compact coffee machine: where innovation meets compact brilliance. Experience Faema's renowned coffee excellence in a beautifully compact and intuitively designed machine. Perfect for small spaces, it combines form and function seamlessly, delivering the exceptional coffee experience you expect from Faema in our most versatile design yet.

The Faema X-Compact coffee machine is designed with a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, with every component meticulously placed, including the tightly integrated hopper within its sleek body. Despite its small size, the X-Compact coffee machine seamlessly adapts to the rest of Faema’s X range.


Why this coffee machine?

Choose the Faema X-Compact coffee machine for an elevated coffee experience packed into a sleek, compact design. This machine effortlessly blends into any countertop environment while offering simplicity and convenience at your fingertips. With just a plug-in and a selection of your preferred beverage, the XCompact handles the rest, ensuring hassle-free coffee enjoyment. Plus, its customizable interface allows businesses to infuse their branding into the machine, making it a perfect fit for distributors, offices, and businesses seeking a personalised touch. Opt for the XCompact and redefine your coffee experience with style and ease.

Top Features:

Compact design

Fits comfortably on any countertop, blending seamlessly into the environment.

Intuitive 10.1” touchscreen display

Easy navigation through a wide menu and customization options for a breezy user experience.

Customizable interface

Allows businesses to incorporate their branding, making it ideal for distributors, offices, and businesses seeking a personalised touch.

Find out more…

Ready to revolutionize your coffee experience? Discover the Faema XCompact coffee machine today for compact elegance that seamlessly integrates into any space, intuitive operation with its user-friendly touchscreen display and customizable branding options to tailor it to your business needs. Find out more about how the XCompact can elevate your coffee game.


  • 2 Litre
  • 8 Litre

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