The Grigia Compact Espresso Machine elevates your coffee experience with compact settings- where precision meets efficiency. Grigia Compact is your ticket to bold flavours and powerful performance, tailored for those who crave excellence in every cup, no matter the size of the space.

The Grigia Compact Espresso Machine – where innovation meets simplicity. Perfect for low-volume spaces, this compact 2-group machine boasts a simple Italian design and electronic dose programming, providing a seamless and customizable coffee experience. Elevate your coffee game with Grigia Compact.


Why this espresso machine?

The Grigia Compact ensures consistent quality coffee throughout the day with its automatic clean function. Experience flexibility and revel in the standard auto leveller, double-scale manometer, and two multi-directional steam wands for crafting creamy cappuccinos and hot beverages.

Top Features:

Versatile Operation

Grigia Compact adapts to your style with ME (automatic) and PU (semiautomatic) versions. Standard features like auto leveling, a double-scale manometer, and dual steam wands create creamy cappuccinos, making it perfect for diverse beverage choices.

Efficient Design

Tailored for low-volume spaces, this espresso machine comes in one or two group options. Its compact 2-group design, coupled with a sleek Italian aesthetic, fits seamlessly into cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Customizable Brewing

Grigia Compact simplifies your coffee ritual with electronic dose programming. Enhance your experience with optional features like a milk frother, pod holder, or Easy Steam Milk (ESM) for a personalized and efficient brewing experience.

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Made in Italy, this espresso machine not only exudes style but also offers longevity with proper care. Hardwired for optimal performance, remember that filtered, scale-free water is essential for the best results. Elevate your coffee experience and choose the Grigia Compact espresso machine for a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality.

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