Elevate your coffee experience with the Grigia Classico espresso machine, known for its exceptional performance. Delve into the world of exceptional coffee craftsmanship and savour perfection in every cup as you indulge in the essence of excellence.

With a sleek profile and advanced capabilities, this espresso machine is ideal for moderate to high-volume locations, available in one to four group options. Elevate your coffee experience with Grigia Classico – where style, functionality, and exceptional performance converge.


Why this espresso machine?

Choose Grigia Classico Espresso Machine to elevate your coffee service effortlessly. Its sleek profile and advanced capabilities are designed for moderate to high-volume locations, ensuring exceptional performance. Available in one to four group options, this professional automatic espresso machine guarantees unparalleled coffee craftsmanship. Embrace perfection in every cup with Grigia Classico, where style, functionality, and exceptional performance converge seamlessly, setting a new standard for excellence in your coffee experience.

Top Features:

Versatile Groups

Grigia Classico offers flexibility with one to four group options, adapting to your volume needs effortlessly.

Smart Electronics

The LCD puts control in your hands, managing key functions like temperature, on/off settings, drink counting, and maintenance alerts for an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Sleek & Functional

Beyond its sleek design, Grigia Classico boasts a cup warmer, water mixer, auto leveller, and double-scale manometer, combining style and functionality to enhance both performance and aesthetics.

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Grigia Classico Espresso Machine emerges as the ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking excellence and businesses demanding top-tier performance. Grigia Classico not only meets the demands of high-volume settings but elevates the overall coffee experience with a perfect synthesis of versatility, advanced technology, and elegant design.

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