The Silexa Multitap is a versatile and stylish solution that revolutionizes beverage dispensing. With the ability to dispense up to four different products, this multitap brings convenience and efficiency to any setting. From milk and cold brew coffee to iced tea, juices, syrups, spirits, wines, and even sauces, the Multitap caters to a wide range of beverage options.

The Multitap is particularly favoured by baristas due to its exceptional features. Thanks to the precise portioning of milk directly from the cooling system, a consistently perfect mix is achieved with every pour. This automation not only guarantees an impeccable beverage but also allows for faster service during peak hours, accommodating more guests


Why this Multitap?

With its height-adjustable housing, integrated secondary cooling, LED lighting, and free-flow capability, this multitap offers unmatched versatility. It also features a user-friendly USB interface, multilanguage support, and convenient code input for management functions. Plus, with the modern configuration software and evaluation directly displayed on the buttons, managing and customizing your beverage options has never been easier. Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance, and the Multitap ensures a high level of cleanliness. Its integrated flushing system guarantees that the dispense heads are thoroughly cleaned after each use, eliminating any potential cross-contamination.

Top Features:

Height Adjustable Housing

The multitap comes with a height adjustable housing, allowing you to easily adapt it to different containers or cup sizes for seamless dispensing.

Integrated Secondary Cooling

With its integrated secondary cooling system, the multitap ensures that your beverages stay refreshingly chilled, delivering the perfect temperature every time.

LED Lighting

The multitap features vibrant LED lighting, adding a touch of modern aesthetics to your beverage station while also providing visibility and enhancing the overall ambiance.

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With its combination of functionality, style, and cleanliness, the Silexa Multitap is the go-to choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient beverage dispensing solution. Upgrade to the Silexa Multitap and experience the future of beverage dispensing today.


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