What is the Viper?

The Viper is an independent steamer which is separate from the coffee machine, it gives flexibility and increases the output by allowing the Viper to constantly steam milk, with its dedicated under bench boiler, eliminating the necessity for another big bulky coffee machine on the bench.


The Viper ensures that pressure is not taken away from the coffee machine, promising the perfect extractions, allowing any single boiler heat exchange machine to be used.
The Viper is customisable with a range of standard finishes and colours, just like a coffee machine it can be coloured to suit your brand or fit out.

It is not just the large-scale QSR’s, or boutique coffee roasters, franchises that use this, but any business that demands the very best from its equipment and strives for success.

Why Viper?

The weakest point in the coffee making work flow was the steaming of the milk. Milk based coffee’s make up the majority of coffee consumption in the UK, the demand for steam has seen an increase in bigger coffee machines.

It has been apparent that the production of steamed milk is unable to keep up with the amount of doses of coffee that are extracted. This causes a bottle neck in the work flow, at the same time making it very uncomfortable and inefficient for multiple people to work on a coffee machine at once.

Traditional coffee machines were not designed to produce the sheer volume of milk based coffees that are consumed in Australia. Peoples demand for their morning and afternoon coffee can often see a large rush which sees even the biggest machines struggle to keep up with the production of
milk based coffees.

The close research and development with hundreds of businesses, understanding their existing work-flows and the deficiencies saw the Viper emerge in 2012. Since then it has been patented and developed into different sizes to accommodate different businesses, it is now a key piece of equipment in any successful coffee shop.


It’s Affordable, Simple, Elegant and Practical.

Product Range We offer a range of custom options to suit your needs. Our units can be selected with one of the following: A Traditional styled steam wand mounted from below, a modern styled steam wand, able to rotate 360 degrees for a left or right hand operation. A specialised nozzle for dedicated Hot Water or a PID Controlled Steamer for automatic steam temperature cutoff and frothing.

Additional Information

5 Liter Boiler Capacity
10 Liter Boiler Capacity
15 Liter Boiler Capacity
Height 400mm
Height 400mm
Height 400mm
Width 280mm
Width 540mm
Width 740mm
Depth 280mm
Depth 280mm
Depth 280mm
Weight 12kg
Weight 20kg
Weight 25kg

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