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Win a trip for two to Venice and the Mazzer factory, plus a Mini Mazzer in a hand brewing competition


Prufrock will host an independent brewing competition on the the 3rd of November. It is free to attend and the event is sponsored by Mazzer andMulmar, (the Mazzer importer in the UK). The rules to the event will follow more or less the World Aeropress structure with the liberty of being able to brew with any coffee you should choose and with the benefit of bringing any brew method you choose to the table. There will be a judging panel who will cup the coffees. Throughout the day prior to the event Prufrock will open up an area in our training space to allow baristas to dial in on the ZM Filter Grinder. Just email Jeremy to create time slot. and we will have a grinding station on the night so competitors can continue to tweak their brews prior to coming on stage. Prufrock’s Uber boiler will be at your disposal on the night too.

Coffee and water only, no additives, no esters.

The winner will receive two tickets with flights and accommodation in Venice and an invitation to visit the beautiful and simply mind-blowing Mazzer factory during your stay. The winner will also go home with a Mini Mazzer in tow. Nice.

So follow the prompts below and book your place. The bookings manger software is set up to only allow one ticket per contestant.

Comp will kick off promptly at 7:30 so get in early and dial in friends as we have the only prototype of this extraordinary grinder in the UK though you’ll be pleased to hear, the design has just started to enter production so now is a chance to try a design from 2016, specifically dedicated to filter coffee and set up with a broad swing in grinder calibration so you can really zone in on the dial. I’ll give you a hint, we are making our V60s on or around number 9 but to get up to a batch brew setting for a 4L size, you would need to turn the dial 4 full rotations. Amazing. It’s that much of a swing so we get huge control here.


FYI: Prufrock has been trialling the incredible new ZM filter grinder on the bar at Prufrock and Jem has travelled to Venice to the Mazzer factory to help develop the Espresso Burr concept with them. The company is so completely innovative and advanced technically, they really have the ability to fabricate almost any burr shape and grinder design you could possible conceive of, with the mixture of robotics, CNC Milling machines and Toyota style production lines where one engineer assembles the entire grinder independantly, the mood at the factory and their approach to future grinder development is utterly laudable.

We can report that the ZM currently sits at 0.45g grind retention. This is really as good as it gets and they are still innovating with this design to reduce this further. The burr alignment is so perfect it is within a 20um tolerance too so have great confidence, the grinder is aligned better than the width of two sheets of aluminium foil.

Prufrock will run a bar on the night so if you’re just curious to meet the guys behind an incredible grinder design, come on down.

See you there.

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