Coffee Basics: How to foam and steam milk

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For the best results always use cold milk!

Step One: Begin by filling the jug slightly more than 1/3rd full.

Rule One: Never exceed more than ½ full because you are going to double the volume of the milk.

Step Two: Insert the tip of steam wand nozzle just under the surface of the milk.

Step Three: Rapidly open the steam valve to the left, one half turn to the fully open position.

Step Four: As the milk takes in air you will hear an intermittent “ssst – ssst“ sound. Continue lowering the jug so the tip of the nozzle will stay just under the surface of the milk. This movement will stretch the milk and create dense foam.

Step Five: When the temperature gauge reaches 140°F turn the valve off and remove the milk jug from the steam wand.

Rule Two: Do not exceed 160°F – the milk will scorch and the drink you create will burn your tongue.

Rule Three: When using milk left over from the last drink, always add fresh milk(remember not to exceed the half full rule), you must add fresh milk to regenerate the protein content that creates the foam.

Rule Four: Never leave the steam wand immersed in a milk jug overnight, milk could be siphoned into the boiler when the machine is switched back on.

Wipe The Steam Wand After Every Use !

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