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Manchester Coffee Festival is an independent coffee festival aimed at educating consumers on the value of speciality coffee and other related markets.


They gather a broad range of coffee businesses under one roof to showcase exactly what they do on a daily basis to you, the inquisitive public. A vast majority of the companies involved are coffee roasters who don’t often get the chance to face the public in this way – Manchester Coffee Festival gives them the opportunity to engage with consumers who visit the festival. They want festival goers to leave the event feeling educated and informed on coffee so They also provide a program of coffee tastings; workshops; a chance to brew with the pro’s; observe the finals of national coffee competitions and sample all the espresso you can handle!

For those less interested in coffee or perhaps you don’t get along too well with caffeine, do not fear! They usually have a handful of tea traders signed up for the festival alongside artisan chocolate suppliers and chai tea specialists! The’ll also make sure that you don’t go hungry with a range of local food traders on hand throughout.

Manchester Coffee Festival 2017 takes place from 4-5 November at Victoria Warehouse – a beautiful old Manchester building that they’re very happy to be returning to for a third consecutive year. It’s also important to us that families are most welcome to the event where there is something to do for everyone.


Program – Saturday 4th November

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 Cupping Lab – Various Times

10:30 – Falcon Specialty: Coffees from Burundi, Rwanda & DRC

11:30 – The Barn – Curated Cupping: Our approach to Coffee Quality

12:30 – Mercanta: South America

13:30 – Schluter

14:30 – Nordic Approach: Colombian Coffee

15:30 – DRWakefield: Analysing Traceability: Colombia & Myanma

16:30 – Caffeine Mag: In The Hopper Tasting



 Sustainability Hub – Turn Your Used Coffee Into Renewable Fuels 11:00

Emma Lavelle, Transport Manager

Bio:  We’re always investing in ways to improve sustainability, including recycling and reusing, as well as advancing technologies to reduce waste and creating safer, cleaner disposal options. We can help  businesses transform its contribution to sustainability too

Talk: As an innovative new  start up, we are the first in the North West to collect coffee grounds which are then recycled by our partners bio-bean.

Being coffee lovers and recycling enthusiasts, we want to help all types of businesses and organisations recycle their coffee. Everyone from independent cafés, major coffee chains, and commercial offices, to gyms and public-sector facilities.

Recycling coffee has some great benefits. Not only does it divert waste away from landfill, but the spent coffee grounds can be used to produce some cool things like biofuels in the form of biomass pellets and Coffee Logs. It can also help businesses save money on their waste disposal.



 Sustainability Hub – Initiatives Within A Cold Brew Business 12:00

Ben Barker, Founder Artemis Brew

Bio: Ben Barker is the founder of Artemis Cold Brew Coffee, a two-time Great Taste Award winning company specialising in fully natural, innovative coffee solutions focused around cold brewed speciality coffee. Ben has picked up five business awards since starting Artemis and is now aiming to change the landscape of coffee in the cocktail industry.

Talk: Artemis have had an amazing 2017 seeing huge growth with Nitro and the release of their game changing concentrate. Ben will be covering the brand values and initiatives within Artemis which focus on sustainability. He’ll be explaining how these effect their products, business and the marketplace as well as their vision for the future.







 Sustainability Hub – The Challenges of Recycling  13:00

Kate Chambers, Recycling Advisor

Bio: Based in Vegware’s Edinburgh HQ. Supporting customers, finding solutions for recycling Vegware products, research around waste and recycling, offering environmental consultancy to all Vegware customers

Talk: Saturday’s workshop will focus on the issues involved in recycling and sustainability in coffee. Kate will also be giving information about how Vegware supports customers with recycling.

Sunday, the theme is going to be focusing on the challenges within general recycling and the barriers that have been overcome. As well as this Kate will give details and an example of how Vegware’s new Close the Loop waste collection service in Scotland works alongside some hopes for future.




henry clifford.JPG

Sustainability Hub – Chin Litaï: The Challenges Of Creating A Cooperative In Chin State, Myanmar 14:00

Henry Clifford, Coffee Trader

Bio: Henry launched Lyndon’s Coffee blog when he was doing his Master’s degree in London as a way of justifying escaping the library! After consuming many espressos and speaking to some fantastic people in the London coffee scene he decided to try and work in coffee. He applied to a range of coffee companies and landed a job at DRWakefield and has been there ever since! Passionate about great coffee and great people.

Talk: 2016 was the year that Myanmar arrived on the specialty coffee scene in the west, with the first container arriving on US shores. However, focus was solely on the producing states of Shan & Mandalay.

In 2017 DRWakefield offered Chin Litaï’s coffee, and a range of single estates and washing stations from Shan & Mandalay, to showcase all of the country’s terroir. Come and listen to DRWakefield’s grassroots project helping set up Chin Litaï cooperative in Chin state.





 Tamper Tantrum – Throughout Saturday


Head along to the Tamper Tantrum stand to try beers entered in the 2017 Brubiaceae home brewing coffee beer competition.

Finding Your Niche: Learning Lessons From Other Craft Beverage Industries

From 17:00-19:00, join us for a panel discussion with five craft beverage industry folk as we discuss the challenges and lessons learnt whilst building a successful business.





 SCA UK Cup Tasters Championship


Spectate at the first round of the UK Cup Tasters Championship and see who will go through to the final round on Sunday.






Program – Sunday 5th November


 Cupping Lab – Various Times

10:30 – Mercanta: East Africa

11:30 – DRWakefield: Analysing Traceability: Colombia & Rwanda

12:30 – Nordic Approach: Rwandan and Ethiopian Coffee

13:30 – Falcon Specialty: Coffees from South America

14:30 – The Barn – Curated Cupping: Our approach to Coffee Quality

15:30 – Schluter




 Sustainability Hub – ReThink Coffee – Various Times

The team behind ReFashionReFood present a full day of workshops.

10:30 – ReImagine with Dyes
Using natural dye in vibrant colors, we create beautiful patterns on textile with coffee, flowers and plant waste

11:45 – ReThink Cups
Deposit schemes? Jar cups? Examples considered as we innovate to reduce waste. Short presentation then workshop

12:30 – Vegware – Kate Chambers focuses on the challenges within general recycling and the barriers that have been overcome. As well as this Kate will give details and an example of how Vegware’s new Close the Loop waste collection service in Scotland works alongside some hopes for future.

13:30 – ReCreate Waste
Use your creative energy to redesign coffee sacks and other coffee-related waste as fun accessories like bags or stuffed animals

15:00 – ReEarth
James from Heart and Graft talks about organic farming and its importance to both coffee taste and qualtiy of life for farmers. Presentation and discussion

16:00 – La Finca Humana (the human farm)
A rousing 7 min film from the COMSA coffee co-operative of Honduras. La Finca Humana is a fascinating philosophy bringing together organic farming, education and community.  Intro, film and discussion.



 Has Bean – Various Times

11:00 A talk with Stephen Leighton (Hasbean) & Colin Harmon (3fe)

12:00  Get your copy of Coffeeography / What I know about running coffee shops signed by Steve & Colin!

13:00 Meet the farmer (Alejandro Martinez)

13:30 Cup with the farmer

15:00 Meet the farmer (Brian Gakunda)

15:30 Cup with the farmer

Espresso Bar: Taste the coffee Dale Harris is taking to the World Barista Championship 2017!

Brew Bar: Taste a selection of currently available fresh crop coffees!





 SCA UK Cup Tasters Championship


Join us to see who gets crowned the winner of the UK Cup Tasters Championship and gets to represent the UK in the 2018 World Cup Tasters Champs!

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