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A single shot espresso is the basis for all drinks on the espresso menu. Get this right and you will have the great flavour people look for in a cappuccino or caffe latte.

Step One:

Remove the single handle from the group head and knock out the spent coffee cake into the knockbox.

Step Two:

Place the empty handle under the grinder/doser and make one complete pull no more, no less.

Step Three:

Tamp the coffee. Hold the group handle in your weaker hand, tamp with your writing hand. As you tamp give the handle a good hard twist left to right to ensure a solid pack.

Step Four:

Wipe the excess grounds from the rim of the filter.

Step Five:

Refit the handle to the group head and brew the espresso into a demitasse.


> The correct brewing time for an espresso is 25–30 seconds
> The correct fill line on an espresso cup is between ½ and ¾ full (50mls or 2 fl oz)
> The espresso should have the all important creamy hazelnut coloured cap called the crema.

This cap will only last two minutes so getting the espresso to the table quickly is crucial

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