How To Clean An Espresso Machine: Back flushing an espresso machine

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Back flushing is a procedure designed to remove any loose coffee grounds that have built up between the screen and brewing head during the course of the days operation and clean unwanted tanins from behind the screen.

Using a “blank“ filter which has no holes, water is forced back up through the screen and the brewing head dislodging any loose coffee grounds. The loose grounds are collected in the blank.

To ensure optimum performance this operation should be repeated 3 times per day, per group head.

How To Backflush

Step One:

Remove all the handles from the brewing heads and knock out spent coffee cakes that remain.

Step Two:

With your espresso machine brush in hand, scrub away any remaining coffee grounds from the brewing heads.

Step Three:

Choose a handle, remove the filter with a teaspoon and insert the blank filter into the handle.

Step Four:

Add a level teaspoon of MULCLEAN to the blank filter. Put the handle containing the blank filter and the MULCLEAN into the first brew head, turn on and leave to run for 10 seconds, then switch off. Without removing the handle run the group head for a further 10 seconds and switch off. Run the group for a final 10 seconds, then switch off. Remove the handle from the group head. Run the group into the drip tray for a further 10 seconds to flush out any remaining chemical residue.

Step Five:

Refit a handle (without a blank) to the group head ready to brew the next drink.

Step Six:

Repeat Steps Four and Five with each group using the handle fitted with the blank.

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