An icon is reborn. Designed for those who always look to the future without ever renouncing tradition.

A design with a timeless style.

Vintage and modern continue to coexist, both in the thermosiphon version, in which steel and Black Matt dominate, and in the Gti version, in which satin and chrome-plated steel alternate with a pewter finish with wooden details.








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The New President


Design and style make the new President a truly unique machine. However, it is made even more exclusive by the endless customization options. While in the thermosiphon version it is possible to customize the base and all the bodywork thanks to the easy-to-remove system, in the GTi version the rear panel can be characterized by playing with numerous materials and the most varied graphic designs in order to give your machine a truly original and unique touch.


The New President: an icon is reborn

The New Faema President brings back the iconic models of the 60’s while offering a new innovative technology.

For the ones that always keep an eye on the future without forgetting tradition

Past and future give birth to a refined product that is capable to value the space thanks to a restyled design and innovative technologies


1 machine, 2 termics

Choosing the most suited termic system is not easy. That is why the New Faema President offers 2 versions: 1 termosiphonic version that guarantees the termic regulation of each group and a GTI version with independent coffee boilers


A Timeless Design

The New President’s two souls are visible in the design: minimal and essential in the shapes, but effortlessly elegant in the style. Tradition and Innovation keep living together in the termosiphonic version, which is featured in steel and matte black, and in the GTi version where there are elements of satined and chromed steel with wooden touches.


Tradition and innovation.

Tradition and innovation give life to a refined product. The New President is capable to enlight the space thanks to its unique design and its new technologies that never fail to assure a great quality in cup.



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