The Role Of The Barista

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What Is A Barista?

A Barista is a fully trained and professional espresso maker. There knowledge and experience encompasses the history and art of making coffee on a variety of commercial espresso machines and grinders. A Barista is able to communicate effectively to staff and customers all aspects of coffee and to produce a range of high quality espresso based beverages.

Key Skills And Disciplines Of A Barista

A Barista is a sales person responsible for

  • Suggesting or recommending a drink to a customer
  • Taking the time to explain the menu options
  • Making sure all customers are served
  • Being aware of customer trends and innovative ideas

A Barista is a quality expert responsible for

  • The overall reputation of the outlets coffee
  • Ensuring the coffee is stored correctly
  • Daily checking of the grind, dosage and freshness of the coffee
  • Checking the espresso machine and grinder daily
  • Quality of the espresso drinks served
  • Training new staff on the espresso equipment
  • Reporting and following up equipment faults and maintenance

A Barista is a professional in the art, skills and techniques of espresso making.

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